The Pennsylvania Railroad's numerous H-10s class (402 engines) is represented here by No. 7234, posing for an unidentified photographer at an unknown location. These Consolidations were the PRR's workhorses for branch line or local freight duty, and must have performed their share of heavier switching chores as well since the PRR's system roster did not include a large number of 0-8-0s. No. 7234 and her sisters had 62-inch drivers and 26x28-inch cylinders. They sustained a 205-pound boiler pressure, in common with the Class G-5s Ten-wheelers that apparently shared the same boiler and firebox design with slightly more than 55 square feet of grate area. These 2-8-0s mustered a tractive effort of 53,197 pounds, and weighed 247,500 pounds minus tender. No. 7234 came originally from Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1913.