This broadside view of PRR K-4s No. 3678, snapped at East St. Louis in 1946, shows off the Raymond Loewy streamlining on what appears to be a freshly shopped and painted locomotive. Videos of these streamlined K-4s in service reveal that when their fast trains required two locomotives — as they often did before the advent of the T-1 duplex and then the diesel — the streamlined engine was positioned in the lead. While a few K-4s received disc drivers it is strange that this feature, which would have complemented their modern appearance, was never applied to the streamlined ones. No. 3678 was a member of the large group built by the PRR's Juniata Shops in 1918; the 1930s streamlining was later removed and she spent her last years in New Jersey suburban service. This image came from the collection of Carl Weber but the photographer is unspecified.