According to a roster published in 1941 the Pennsylvania Railroad owned 582 2-10-0 or Decapod type engines, the mainstay of its coal hauling operations in its namesake state. The vast majority of these, or 501 engines, belonged to class I-1s, including No. 1753 appearing in this shot by an anonymous photographer. No. 1753 was built by the railroad's Juniata shops at Altoona in 1918. She had 30½x32-inch cylinders, 62-inch drivers, and 250 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. These locomotives weighed 352,500 pounds without their massive 16-wheeled tenders. They had 4590 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1643 square feet of superheating surface, and put forth a hefty 90,024 pounds of tractive effort. These Decapods were noted for their "banshee" or one-toned whistle, and the signature double air reservoirs visible on No. 1753's pilot. Only one I-1, No. 4483, cheated the scrapper's torch.