The original Norfolk Southern operated from Norfolk, Virginia to Charlotte, North Carolina, with several branches. In 1974 it was absorbed into the Southern Railway system. In 1982, when the Southern was merged with the Norfolk & Western, the name "Norfolk Southern" was revived for the entire system of today. In 1940 the original Norfolk Southern acquired five class F-1 2-8-4s from Baldwin Locomotive Works. Because of weight limitations on NS trackage, at 335,400 pounds these were the lightest Berkshires erected for North American service. With 63-inch drivers, 23½x30-inch cylinders, and 250 p.s.i. of boiler pressure, they exerted 55,882 pounds of tractive effort. Grate area measured slightly over 80 square feet, and they had 3418 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1350 square feet of superheater surface. With NS's conversion to diesel power these engines were sold to a broker who resold them to the National Railways of Mexico, where they continued to operate until being retired and scrapped. In this image No. 600, first of the group, poses for the Baldwin builder's photo.