The 4-8-4 type took its usual name "Northern" because the first examples of this wheel arrangement were built in 1926 for the Northern Pacific. Subsequent orders increased the NP's stable of 4-8-4s; the eight engines of class A-4 came from Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1941. With 77-inch drivers, they sustained a boiler pressure of 260 p.s.i. and had cylinder dimensions of 28x31 inches. They had 4673 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1930 square feet of superheating surface, with a large 115-square-foot grate area to accommodate the NP's own lignite coal. Weighing 502,500 pounds without tender, they exerted 69,756 pounds of tractive force. No. 2672, with its 14-wheel "centipede" tender, poses on July 3, 1948 at St. Paul, Minnesota for Arthur B. Johnson of Springfield, Missouri. The image came to our collection through an eBay purchase.