Six of the Nickel Plate Berkshires are extant, including No. 759 which was the last steam engine to be overhauled by the railroad at its Conneaut, Ohio shops in May 1958, a few months before the end of steam operations. Ten years later, after a sojourn in the Steamtown collection of F. Nelson Blount, No. 758 was restored to operation for excursions and ran in this capacity till 1973. This view from the Jack Emerick collection, provided by David Poor, shows No. 759 on the Erie Railroad main line near Binghamton, New York, during a 1970 excursion sponsored by the High Iron Company. No. 759 is preserved in Scranton, Pennsylvania at the Steamtown National Historic Site. For the dimensions of the class S-2 Berkshires see the commentaries for NKP Nos. 744 and 757.