The New Haven's newest freight locomotives were the three-cylinder 4-8-2s of class R-3-a which the American Locomotive Company erected in 1928. These Mountains weighed 379,000 pounds and, with their three 22x30-inch cylinders, developed 71,101 pounds of tractive effort; the middle cylinder was governed by the Gresley valve gear that operated off extensions of the outer valves. Boiler pressure was 265 p.s.i. and driver diameter was 69 inches. The R-3-a group had a grate area of slightly more than 70 square feet, 4091 square feet of evaporative heating surface, and 1756 square feet of superheater surface. Reboilered shortly after delivery due to defects in the original design, these powerful locomotives served the New Haven capably until retirement in 1949-51. Here, No. 3561 poses in May 1940 at the roundhouse in the Cedar Hill terminal at New Haven. The image, purchased from an eBay vendor, is attributed to the Harold Vollrath collection but the responsible lensman, if not Vollrath, is unspecified.