We discovered this unnumbered 0-6-0 on the property of Monolith Portland Midwest, a cement company operation near Laramie, Wyoming, in August 1958. It is probably ex-Union Pacific No. 4453, a close relative of UP No. 4466 which also appears in this collection. Her small headlight has been remounted on top of the smokebox, but the original shelf remains below. This, plus the somewhat bedraggled appearance, suggests a derelict locomotive; however, she was operable when I photographed her — note the tender's fully loaded coal compartment. In fact, Monolith Portland Midwest reportedly continued to operate this engine and sister No. 4455 for another ten years after our visit, replacing them with a General Electric 70-ton diesel in 1968. (Technically, the nine-mile spur to the cement plant was the company-owned Laramie Valley Railroad.)