The Missouri Pacific's seven class MT-75 4-8-2s were 1939-1940 rebuilds of the MT-69 group delivered by ALCo in 1919 as No. 5201-5207 and 5301-5307. For service on its premium passenger trains the railroad's Sedalia, Missouri shops applied 75-inch disc drivers, lightweight rods and roller bearings. Their new boilers sustained 225 p.s.i., and the engines were converted to burn oil and supplied with new tenders. Their cylinder dimensions were 25½x30 inches, their locomotive weight was 370,100 pounds, and they produced a tractive effort of 53,720 pounds. No. 5324, apparently originally 5204, poses here in an unprovenanced image acquired through eBay. The MoPac was apparently proud of its own shops' creations and featured an image of No. 5321 in the 1951 edition of Rand McNally's World Railways.