Missouri Pacific 2-10-2 No. 1702 was originally St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern No. 1502, one of fourteen delivered from the American Locomotive Company's Brooks Works in 1916. The Missouri Pacific absorbed the bankrupt StLIM&S the following year, and in 1924 renumbered these engines into the 1701-1714 series of class SF-63. They had 63-inch drivers, 188.5 p.s.i. of boiler pressure, and 30x30-inch cylinders. Their evaporative heating surface totaled 4617 square feet, their superheater surface 1170 square feet, and their grate area 80 square feet. They weighed 370,000 pounds and produced 68,668 pounds of tractive force. By the end of 1953 the MoPac had retired the last of these ponderous Santa Fe types, with their cylinder diameter matching the stroke. Note the Walschaerts valve gear in the "reverse" or "indirect" configuration, with the eccentric crank angled towards the rear. Harold W. Lehman of Naperville, Illinois captured this view of No. 1702 at St. Louis in July 1935.