R. H. Carlson captured Missouri-Kansas-Texas 4-6-2 No. 404 backing to couple to an express car at Parsons, Kansas; the date, however, is unspecified in this photo purchased via eBay. Note that the Walschaerts valve gear is in the "inverse" configuration, with the eccentric crank angled toward the rear of the locomotive. Lima Locomotive Works delivered the ten members of the "Katy's" H-3c class in 1920. They weighed 272,000 pounds and mustered 42,791 pounds of tractive force. With cylinder dimensions of 25x28 inches, they had 73-inch drivers and a boiler pressure of 210 p.s.i. Grate area totaled 57½ square feet, and they had 3824 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 870 square feet of superheater surface. The sheet-steel pilot was a later modification.