The roster of the Maine Central included only two 4-6-4s, delivered by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1930. They had 73-inch drivers (low for a Hudson type) and 23x28-inch cylinders, and weighed 312,590 pounds. With 240 p.s.i. of boiler pressure, they developed a tractive effort of 41,400 pounds. Their grate area totaled about 63 square feet, and their 3826 square feet of evaporative heating surface was augmented by 1760 square feet of superheating surface. No. 702 appears in Portland, Maine on May 28, 1939 in this image from the collection of Carl Weber. She lasted till 1955, but spent her last few years on lease to the Portland Terminal Company which used her in snow melting service. The small smoke deflectors — as contrasted with the larger "elephant ear" type — are unusual, but similar to those applied to some 4-6-2s and 4-8-2s by parent Boston & Maine.