The Maine Central's last group of 2-8-2s, outshopped in 1924 by American Locomotive Company, were designated class S along with older MEC engines of that arrangement. However, because they were of the USRA Light Mikado design their specifications differed especially in having a greater steam-producing capacity. With the typical 63-inch drivers, they had cylinder dimensions of 26x30 inches and carried 180 p.s.i. of boiler pressure, resulting in 49,251 pounds of tractive effort. Evaporative heating surface totaled 3838 square feet, superheater surface 882 square feet, and grate area 67 square feet. They weighed 275,000 pounds, the same as earlier examples of class S. All Maine Central Mikados were withdrawn from service by the end of 1952. This image of No. 628 came to our Random Steam Collection via Carl Weber. An unspecified lensman snapped it at at Rigby Yard in South Portland, Maine on May 1, 1949.