Three class C-3 Pacifics of the Maine Central, of which No. 466 was the first, arrived from the American Locomotive Company's Schenectady plant in 1917 with 73-inch drivers, 180 p.s.i. of boiler pressure, and 25x28-inch cylinders. In 1933 the MEC upgraded the C-3 group, reducing the cylinder diameter to 24 inches and raising the boiler pressure to 190 p.s.i. Additionally, the firebox was modified with two arch tubes and two thermic syphons, increasing the evaporative heating surface to 3033 square feet. Superheater surface was 636 square feet, and grate area totaled 56½ square feet. These engines weighed 280,600 pounds and produced 36,619 pounds of tractive effort. No information about photographer or date is avalable for this view of No. 466, which was acquired from an eBay seller, but the location is the Union Station at Portland, Maine. No. 470, the final member of the C-3 class delivered in 1924, survives; long displayed at Waterville, Maine, it is undergoing restoration to operating condition by the New England Steam Corporation.