From the collection of Doug Leffler comes this unattributed and undated view of Lehigh Valley 4-8-4 No. 5110, final member of its T-1a class. The time period is probably the early 1940s, after the maintenance-intensive tender booster had been removed and disc main drivers had replaced the spoked type. The location is likely around Pittston or Dupont, Pennsylvania, where the LV's "Mountain Cutoff" freight line paralleled the tracks of the Delaware & Hudson (note the D&H herald on the anthracite facility in the background). For specifications of the T-1a class view the comments for No. 5101 preceding. The Lehigh Valley chose to name its 4-8-4s the "Wyoming" type, after Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley, rather than the usual "Northern" designation. All the LV Wyomings were gone by the end of 1951.