Although dating back to a 1916 order from Baldwin Locomotive Works, the Lehigh Valley's class K-5 Pacifics took on a more modern appearance with later upgrades. Especially striking was the streamlining by famed designer Otto Kuhler applied to a few engines, including No. 2102 shown here, for the John Wilkes express train service. These 4-6-2s had 27x28-inch cylinders, a boiler pressure of 205 p.s.i., and 73-inch drivers. Weighing 311,900 pounds, they produced 48,723 pounds of tractive effort. With a grate area of 75 square feet, they boasted 4105 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 980 square feet of superheating surface. This view of No. 2102, saved from a discontinued Internet site, was taken at the Oak Island terminal, New Jersey, in 1940. The same image appears in the ABPR Archive, and is elsewhere ascribed to Bob Redden.