The Lehigh & New England's four class F-1 Decapods were among the largest and most powerful 2-10-0s built. They came from Baldwin Locomotive Works in two groups, with No. 401 shown here belonging to the first order of 1927. Weighing 399,200 pounds, they mustered 90,295 pounds of tractive effort. With 61-inch drivers, they sustained a boiler pressure of 225 p.s.i. and had cylinder dimensions of 30x32 inches. Their Wooten firebox featured a grate area exceeding 104 square feet, while their evaporative heating surface totaled 4473 square feet and their superheater surface 1248 square feet. They also had tender boosters, visible on the rear truck in this photo of No. 91. J. R. Quinn of Worcester, New York captured the image (acquired via eBay) on October 17, 1948 somewhere in Pennsylvania, only four months before this engine was consigned to the scrapper's torch.