To handle increased wartime traffic as a bridge railroad, the Lehigh & Hudson River ordered three 4-8-2s from Baldwin Locomotive Works, depicted by this builder's photo of No. 10. Delivered in 1944, they were virtually identical to the Boston & Maine's R-1d class of 1941 and, in fact, the L&HR apparently assigned them the same classification. They had 73-inch drivers, 28x31-inch cylinders, and a boiler pressure of 240 p.s.i. all yielding a tractive effort of 67,918 pounds. Their grate area measured 79 square feet, their evaporative heating surface 4511 square feet, and their superheater surface 1887 square feet. The tender was of the 14-wheel "centipede" or pedestal type, and the total engine and tender weight was 787,900 pounds. With the onset of dieselization Nos. 10-12 were renumbered 40-42 and were scrapped when no other railroad offered to buy these outstanding locomotives.