Livonia, Avon & Lakeville 2-8-0 No. 38 appears here in my transparency taken in September, 1968 at Livonia, New York. The engine was erected by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1927 for Pennsylvania short line coal hauler Huntington & Broad Top Mountain. After that line ceased operations in 1954 the locomotive was sold to the LA&L in New York State, which restored her to operation in 1968. (Notice the workman applying the locomotive's number to the cab.) In 1974 she went to the Knox & Kane tourist operation out of Marienville, Pennsylvania; after being removed from service she was damaged in a 2008 roundhouse fire, caused by arson, at Kane, Pennsylvania. The locomotive was then auctioned to the Everett Railroad and is stored at Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania pending a decision to proceed with restoration.

No. 38's specifications include cylinder dimensions of 21x26 inches, a driver diameter of 51 inches, and a boiler pressure of 190 p.s.i. With 35 square feet of grate area, she has 1763 square feet of evaporative heating surface, and is not superheated. With an engine weight of 157,000 pounds, she would develop 36,000 pounds of tractive effort. Thanks go to Steven Llanso of Locobase (available through for providing these details.