This builder's photo of an attractive, but unlettered, 2-8-2 was saved from an Internet site that was taken offline around 2006. The "mystery Mikado" turned out to be No. 601 of the Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf / Midland Valley, partner railroads associated with the Missouri Pacific system. Nos. 601 and 602 came from Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1944, either as new locomotives or (more likely) as rebuilds of older 2-8-2s of the light USRA design provided by the railroads. They weighed 299,500 pounds and pulled with 54,724 pounds of tractive effort. With 63-inch drivers, they had 26x30-inch cylinders and a boiler pressure of 200 p.s.i. Their grate area was just shy of 67 square feet, and they had 3562 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1002 square feet of superheating surface.