Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 2-8-2 No. 216 was the former New York Central No. 2335, acquired from the parent system in 1950 along with four other H-10s. The P&LE rebuilt No. 216 with the same type of vestibule cab as featured on its recently-acquired class A-2a Berkshires of 1948, and applied overfire jets (also an appliance on the 2-8-4s) in the effort to reduce smoke. The H-10 booster engine was removed. No. 216 was a Lima product of 1924, and was retired in 1954 after only four years of service on the P&LE. A cameraman identified as W. Krawiec snapped this image at McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, in 1951; it was included in the collection of C. T. Felstead, and came to our collection via eBay.