Peoria & Eastern ran between Indianapolis and Peoria, and though it functioned as a New York Central System branch it maintained its separate identity into the diesel era. The P&E's steam locomotives were numbered in the double digits. Pacific No. 19, shown here at the Peoria Union Station, was one of three class K-14b engines built by ALCo in 1911 for the New York Central & Hudson River; assigned to the P&E, they were rebuilt in 1929-30 at its Urbana, Illinois, shops. They weighed 278,900 pounds and exerted 34,530 pounds of tractive effort. A 1940 NYC system roster claims they had a booster adding 11,000 pounds of tractive force, but No. 19's rivet-fabricated trailing truck does not suggest the presence of a booster when this photo was taken. (Later photos of members of the K-14 class show the trailing truck as a one-piece casting that could support the bed for a booster engine.) Locomotives of this class had 72-inch drivers, 25x26-inch cylinders, and a boiler pressure of 200 p.s.i. No. 19 was the former NYC 3108, and was scrapped in late 1950 upon dieselization of the P&E.