At Kankakee, Illinois, in the summer of 1955, 0-8-0 No. 7912 was resting from her duties on the roundhouse lead track when we came visiting in search of late steam. These class U-3e switchers had the same dimensions as class U-3b and c, described previously (refer to the commentaries for Nos. 7640 and 7643), but the 65 engines in this group came from American Locomotive Company and Lima Locomotive Works in 1924. No. 7912's builder's plate identifies her as an ALCo product from Schenectady; her original number, before 1936, was 4312. This locomotive appears repeatedly in the Mark I video The Midland and Two Centrals, and puts in a cameo appearance in Sunday River Productions' Niagaras and Mohawks. She was not retired until 1959, being among the last steam locomotives to operate on the New York Central.