A sales booklet issued around 1915 by the Pilliod Company, makers of the Baker valve gear, contains this image of Lake Shore & Michigan Southern 0-8-0 switcher No. 4293, which became New York Central 7293 in the 1936 renumbering. That same year this member of class U-1a was leased to NYC subsidiary Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, retaining its number. The dimensions of this U-1a group appear in the commentary for No. 7271, except that they mustered 200 p.s.i. of boiler pressure and exerted 54,960 pounds of tractive force. The U-1's combination lever was attached ahead of the crosshead instead of behind it, as had been the case with most earlier Baker applications; as the photo reveals, most of the U-1a group were built without a power reverse. This engine was removed from service and sent to the scrapyard in 1952.