A New York Central roster published in 1940 listed only four 0-10-0 switchers on the system, each in its own subclass. In this anonymous view provided by Tom Rock of T.D.R. Productions, class M-1d No. 7190 poses in Windsor, Ontario, probably around 1950. With 52-inch drivers, 210 p.s.i. of boiler pressure and cylinder dimensions of 24x28 inches, this engine developed 55,360 pounds of tractive effort and weighed 274,000 pounds. No. 7190 came off the erecting floor of Alco's Canadian affiliate, Montreal Locomotive Works, in 1909 as No. 8790 and was renumbered to 8990 of the Canada Southern, assuming her final number in the Central's 1936 system-wide renumbering. Retired in 1953, she was scrapped at St. Thomas, Ontario, the following year. The extension on the window was a standard type of addition used in cold weather so the engineer would not have to put his head out an open window to sight along the boiler or the cut of cars being switched.