The lowly 0-6-0 switcher was not a very impressive locomotive, but its short wheelbase rendered it invaluable in certain roles such as switching sharply curved industrial sidings or other tight trackage. In 1940 the New York Central System listed some 390 class B six-wheeled switchers on its roster in 46 different subclasses. No. 6901, photographer and location unknown, belonged to class B-11a erected by ALCo's Pittsburgh works in 1912. She had 58-inch drivers, 21x28-inch cylinders, and 180 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. Locomotives of this class weighed 171,000 pounds and exerted 32,570 pounds of tractive effort. No. 6901 received this number in 1936, her original number being 8801, and was again renumbered to 6801 in 1951 shortly before being stricken from the roster and scrapped. Two NYC 0-6-0 switchers survive in static display, one of them being a class B-11 sister of No. 6901.