Niagara No. 6016 poses at Harmon, New York, in a view supplied by William D. Volkmer; exact date and original photographer are not specified. The S-1 4-8-4s were fitted with a diesel-like air horn as well as a steam whistle, which sometimes foiled steam photography buffs lying in wait for a shot at this fast-fading breed. They featured the 14-wheel "centipede" or PT tender that carried 18,000 gallons of water and 46 tons of coal. Like other high-speed New York Central steam power, the Niagaras were equipped to scoop water on the fly from long pans set between the rails. They were subsequently fitted with the dual-lens headlight shown in previous photos of Nos. 6000 and 6003. No. 6016 was stricken from the roster in 1955.