The class S Niagaras were intended for fast passenger service and were designed to accept 79-inch drivers for this purpose. However the first example, No. 6000, was delivered with 75-inch drivers to qualify it as dual-service due to a wartime restriction on building new passenger locomotives. With the end of hostilities in 1945 the 79-inch drivers were installed on No. 6000 by the Central's shops. Photos of the Niagaras without the "elephant ear" smoke deflectors are rare, but apparently they were removed temporarily when the drivers were replaced, as seen in this photo taken at Chicago's Englewood Union Station in September 1945. Note also the original single-beam headlight, which was replaced on all class S-1 Niagaras by the twin sealed-beam headlights beginning in 1949 (see the following 1954 photo of No. 6000). Additionally, in this photo we can see how the bell was originally placed under the pilot beam, behind the cast steel pilot, because of the need to fit all fixtures in the restricted space created by the Niagaras' large boiler. The bell was later repositioned on most, or all, Niagaras under the right side running board behind the mechanical lubricator. This photo, purchased via eBay, is from the extensive collection of Harold Vollrath of Kansas City, Missouri.