With dieselization of the Boston & Albany, its fleet of 20 class J-2 Hudsons was transferred to service out of North White Plains, New York, to Brewster and Chatham, and also to New York City suburban service on the West Shore line out of Weehawken, New Jersey. In these assignments they continued to serve for several years. In 1951 they were renumbered into the New York Central series as Nos. 5455-5474. William D. Volkmer snapped No. 5469, delivered by Lima in 1931 as B&A No. 614 in class J-2c, on the turntable at Chatham, New York, on August 31, 1952. Sources indicate she was sold for scrap a few months after this photo was taken. The J-2s on the West Shore were given twelve-wheeled tenders from retired J-1 4-6-4s, but those on the line to Chatham retained the original short B&A eight-wheeled tender; otherwise they would not have been able to fit on the turntable at North White Plains.