The builder's photo of the unstreamlined J-3a class shows the recessed Elesco feedwater heater on No. 5405. However, later photos of it and the other J-3s, such as No. 5439 above, reveal that the Worthington type SA was applied in a subsequent shopping (note the box-like structure ahead of the stack). The power reverse cylinder was also moved from a position on the locomotive bed to that shown here, beneath the running board, resulting in the need to raise part of the running board several inches. The 14-wheel "centipede" or PT tender (pedestal type, or "passenger tender") was another later addition, dramatically reducing the locomotives' need to take on coal during a run (water on some main line routes was replenished from track pans). Two members of the 1937 J-3 group, Nos. 5426 and 5429, were streamlined for service on the Empire State Express. This photo by an unknown photographer is from my brother David Leonard's collection; it was taken in Cincinnati in September 1954. In the Mark I video The Midland and Two Centrals No. 5439 heads the all-stainless-steel James Whitcomb Riley in April 1955 at Kankakee, Illinois, about a year before she met the torch.