Although the notation on back of this photo, from the collection of Wayne Koch, claims that this view of NYC J-3a Hudson No. 5424 was taken on May 23, 1948, that cannot be correct since the Roman lettering seen here was replaced by the Gothic style around 1940. Additionally, the unbroken line of the running board was a feature of the J-3a class as built, but was later modified (see the photos of Nos. 5415, 5433 and 5439). Moreover, another photo taken by Charles T. Felstead on May 23, 1948 shows No. 5424 with Boxpok disc drivers, a Worthington feedwater heater, and the 14-wheel PT tender. The photo above may have been snapped by Arthur B. Johnson in Chicago, as the notation suggests, but it was taken not long after ALCo delivered the first J-3s in 1937. What is notable here, however, is that some of the nonstreamlined J-3s came with Scullin disc drivers like the last five streamlined "Twentieth Century" Hudsons of 1938. After the Scullin drivers had been found to be developing cracks in sustained high-speed service, most were replaced by the Boxpok (box-spoke) type by the end of steam. Photos exist of NYC Hudsons with a mixture of the two types. The locomotive was removed from the roster and sold for scrap at the end of 1955.