Color images of New York Central steam are comparatively rare. Because of the cost of color film and processing, ordinary railfans generally restricted their efforts to black and white. Many processed their own negatives in home darkrooms, not possible for color film. Those who were able to take color images before the demise of NYC steam usually used the low-speed slide film then available, which did not produce good results with a low-light or moving subject. This image of Hudson No. 5415, made available via John Sita, is a happy exception. It records the later modifications to the J-3a class, including the break in the originally straight running board necessitated by repositioning of the air reservoir and power reverse cylinder; the replacement of the Elesco feedwater heater with the Worthington type SA; and the substitution of the 14-wheel PT tender for the original six-axle type. Additionally, No. 5415 appears to have a combination of Boxpok and web-spoke drivers, the latter not being original equipment. The date and location of the photo are not specified, but No. 5415's grimy appearance suggests a date close to her retirement in 1956 after less than 19 years of service.