In what might be a New York Central publicity shot, nearly new J-3a Hudson No. 5412 speeds its train along its namesake river at Garrison, New York on April 23, 1938. The photo epitomizes the high-speed service for which the J-3s were designed. Their steaming capacity rendered them capable of 4700 horsepower at 77 miles per hour, compared with 3900 horsepower at 66 miles per hour for the J-1 class. This was partly due to their slightly larger grate area of 82 square feet, together with a combustion chamber which the earlier class did not have. The J-3s had 4185 square feet of evaporative heating surface and a superheater surface of 1745 square feet. They also had roller bearings on all axles. The image was contributed by Wayne Koch. No. 5412 was sent to the scrapyard at the end of 1955.