J-1d Hudson No. 5379 is shown here at an unknown location prior to her renumbering from CCC&StL No. 6604. The recessed Elesco feedwater heater was a characteristic of the NYC's Hudsons, although many members of the J-1 class had the Coffin type as did the Boston & Albany J-2 class, and the J-3 class of 1937-38 was later fitted with the Worthington type SA. The J-1 Hudsons had a grate area of 81.5 square feet, with 4485 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1950 square feet of superheater surface, rendering them high performers for fast passenger service. However, they lacked the combustion chamber of the J-3 class. Other dimensions appear in the commentary on Hudson No. 5367. Stricken from the roster in 1953, this example was torched the following year.