J-1e 4-6-4 No. 5344 was unique among the NYC's stable of 275 Hudsons, being the only J-1 to be streamlined, and the only Hudson to be streamlined twice. Originally streamlined in 1934 as the Commodore Vanderbilt, she was re-streamlined in 1939 with Henry Dreyfuss's "bullet nose" design emulating the J-3a group of 1938, with some modifications including the break in the running board at mid-boiler and the absence of the protruding Elesco feedwater header (being equipped with the Coffin type). As streamlined, she differed in specifications from other J-1e Hudsons, having 23¾x28-inch cylinders and a boiler pressure of 250 pounds. Her tractive effort was 42,480 pounds, with the booster adding 12,100 pounds, and she weighed 370,000 pounds. Originally assigned to the Detroit-Cleveland Mercury in place of shrouded K-5b Pacifics, No. 5344 lost her streamlining in 1945, was dropped from the roster in 1953, and was scrapped the following year. John Sita furnished this image, photographer, date and location unspecified.