The prominent Elesco feedwater heater gives K-5a Pacific No. 4926 an impressive and powerful look in this photo by a cameraman identified only as Helms, taken on August 22, 1950 at Bellefontaine, Ohio. The image, acquired through eBay, was in the Jay Williams collection. A member of the K-5a class, No. 4926 was delivered in 1925 by American Locomotive Company's Brooks works as Michigan Central No. 8350, but in 1929 was transferred to the CCC&StL and renumbered 6526. In the 1936 system-wide renumbering she became NYC No. 4926; she was retired and cut up in 1952. This formerly MC group in class K-5a weighed 301,000 pounds. They had a boiler pressure of 200 p.s.i., lower than that of the subsequent K-5b class; as a result the K-5a group had a tractive effort of 37,650 pounds to which a booster contributed an additional 9,700 pounds. This image came to our collection by way of an eBay purchase.