Despite the overwhelming success of the Hudson or 4-6-4 type in passenger service, in 1940 the New York Central System still rostered some 380 Pacifics, of which almost half belonged to one of the 16 subclasses of class K-3. Here No. 4863, a member of class K-3k, makes a backup move in the yards of the Cincinnati Union Terminal in this 1936 shot by photographer R. Payne, only a little more than three years before her retirement. No. 4863 was outshopped by ALCo's Schenectady plant in 1917 as No. 6463 of NYC subsidiary CCC&StL (the "Big Four"). Many K-3s were eventually upgraded with the one-piece cast trailing truck, but No. 4863 displays the original type of rivet-fabricated truck.