This photo of 4-6-2 No. 3328 (renumbered 4728 in 1936) was taken in Butler, Indiana, but the photographer's identity is unspecified. This locomotive was a member of class K-3n, erected by the American Locomotive Company's Brooks works in 1918. The original rivet-fabricated trailing truck was replaced by the one-piece casting, as shown here, which provided a bed for a booster engine; locomotives so equipped weighed 290,200 pounds. The K-3 class had 79-inch drivers and 23½x26-inch cylinders, and sustained 200 p.s.i. of boiler pressure; for other dimensions see the commentary for No. 4683. Butler, a small city in rural northeast Indiana, was not a stop for the Central's faster long-distance trains, so this photo shows No. 3328 (4728) heading a westbound local — the type of service to which the Pacifics were assigned after the Hudsons usurped their position on the premier "varnish." No. 4728 was retired and cut up in 1950.