New York Central class K-3p 4-6-2 No. 4707 is being turned by a hostler in this view by an unspecified photographer. The location is the Howard Avenue roundhouse in Windsor, Ontario. Sources do not indicate that this Pacific was regularly assigned to the Michigan Central's Canada Southern division, but occasionally NYC locomotives from the U.S. strayed briefly into Canada. The photo was taken around 1940 after the NYC's 1936 renumbering (the original number was 3307) but before all its locomotives had been repainted with the Gothic lettering that endured into the diesel era. Members of class K-3p, outshopped in 1920 by the ALCo's Schenectady Works, weighed 283,500 pounds; those equipped with a booster weighed 291,300 pounds. No. 4707 met the salvager's torch in 1952. Tom Rock of Rock on Trains supplied this image.