Fairbanks-Morse "C-Liner" 4507 halts at Ypsilanti, Michigan in the summer of 1954, in a view captured by Ron Morse of Springfield, Missouri who kindly made it available to this collection. Built in 1952 and classed DPA-2a, these rare 2000-horsepower units featured a B+A1A truck arrangement, the rear six-wheel truck made necessary by the increased weight of the steam generator for passenger service. Unit 4507 was one of only two NYC diesels equipped with the flashing Mars light, which was later removed and the entire class of eight locomotives was re-engined with the EMD 16-567C prime mover. The F-M "Consolidation Line" has been said to be the builder's attempt to market a line of diesels comparable to the versatile Consolidation (2-8-0) type steam locomotive.