Pacific No. 4422, in its original number 3022, poses for an anonymous photographer in Chicago sometime in the 1930s. By 1936 she was one of only 12 class K-11a engines, of the original 50, that remained to be included in NYC's system-wide renumbering. Erected in 1910-11 by American Locomotive Company as class K-10a, these locomotives received their new classification when retrofitted with superheaters in 1912. Their specifications, as rebuilt, included 200 pounds of boiler pressure per square inch, 25x26-inch cylinders, and 69-inch drivers. They weighed 272,000 pounds and produced a tractive effort of 40,040 pounds; those equipped with boosters mustered another 11,000 pounds. No. 4422 was retired in 1947, although a few members of the class lasted into the 1950s. The photo comes from the collection of Wayne Koch.