In one of the few views in this collection depicting the New York Central's late "cigar band" herald, we see EMD E-7A No. 4014 leading another E unit "elephant style" on train 61 in Chicago. My brother, David V. Leonard, took this transparency on July 26, 1969, after the 1968 Penn Central merger, so this is a PC train still carrying its old NYC number and shortly to be discontinued. The location is Englewood Station, with the westbound train operating on former Pennsylvania Railroad trackage headed for Union Station, which Penn Central used even for trains coming from Buffalo on the former New York Central. EMD produced the 2000-horsepower E-7 model from 1945-1949. No. 4014 kept its NYC number as a PC locomotive, but apparently was retired before the formation of Amtrak in 1971 inasmuch as Amtrak did not retain any E-7 units.