Having formerly operated on the West Side line in New York City, these third-rail R-2 box-cab motors were sent to Detroit to supplant the smaller R-1 steeple-cab units in Detroit-Windsor tunnel service. They were a 1930 product of ALCo-General Electric with 44-inch wheels. Each unit developed 66,000 pounds of tractive effort and weighed 266,400 pounds. In this view of Nos. 304-305 (originally numbered 1204-1205), probably taken in September 1953, we get a good view of the trackage at Detroit's old Michigan Central Station. The Detroit River Tunnel ventilation was completed in December 1953, allowing diesels to run through, and most of the R-2 motors, including these two, were returned to New York City. (One of the Detroit group was sold to the Chicago, South Shore & South Bend either for parts or for conversion to overhead-wire operation.) What appears to be a Baltimore & Ohio Pacific (4-6-2) waits in the background.