Consolidation No. 2981 belonged to the G-6k class delivered by ALCo's Brooks Works in 1910, and when superheated was reclassified as G-16k. The upgrade failed to spare the engine from an early date with the torch in 1932, and her number was re-used in 1936 for the former 2481, a class L-2c Mohawk. Locomotives of the G-16k class weighed 244,500 pounds minus tender and developed 45,680 pounds of tractive effort. They had a grate area of 56½ square feet, 2962 square feet of evaporative heating surface, and 566 square feet of superheating surface. They had 63-inch drivers, cylinder dimensions of 26x32 inches, and 200 p.s.i. of steam pressure. This postcard image by K. E. Schlachter came to our collection via Wayne Koch, and depicts No. 2981 in Granton, New Jersey, a neighborhood of North Bergen, on April 8, 1915.