The somewhat cleaner lines of the later L-2 classes are revealed in this photo of L-2c Mohawk No. 2811, posing for an unidentified photographer at Chicago's Englewood terminal in the 1940s. No. 2811 came from ALCo's erecting floor in 1929 and was dropped from the roster at the end of 1955 and sold to the scrap dealer. Engines of the L-2c class had cylinder dimensions of 27x30 inches and 69-inch drivers, and carried 225 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. They weighed 366,550 pounds without tender, and developed a tractive effort of 60,620 pounds which a booster raised to a total of 73,020 pounds. Other specifications of the L-2c class are given in the commentary for No. 2886. The image was contributed by Wayne Koch.