The H-10a subclass, erected by Lima and Alco's Schenectady works in 1922-23, were originally numbered in the 1-190 sequence. In this broadside view we see No. 2222, formerly lettered for the Michigan Central as No. 122, some time after the 1936 system-wide renumbering but before the introduction of the NYC's distinctive Gothic lettering that began to be applied to locomotives in 1940. Her rectangular builder's plate, faintly visible above the cylinder, stamps her as an Alco product. The location is likely the Detroit area, although the photo is reportedly the work of a Canadian railfan. Station records for Vienna Junction, Michigan, show several passages by No. 2222 in the first week of January 1940, indicating that this engine was operating regularly between Detroit and Toledo around the time this photo was taken. She was consigned to the salvager's torch in 1953. For the dimensions of this H-10a group, see the commentary for Nos. 2167 and 2256. This image came to our New York Central Collection courtesy of Tom Rock of  T.D.R. Productions.