This image of NYC class H-7e 2-8-2 No. 1956 at Elkhart, Indiana on July 4, 1938 is attributed to Arthur B. Johnson of Springfield, Missouri. The H-7e class came from ALCo's Schenectady Works in 1920; this engine was originally CCC&StL No. 6156. With 27x30-inch cylinders and 63-inch drivers, members of this class sustained 200 pounds of boiler pressure and exerted 59,000 pounds of tractive effort. Boosters applied to some members of the H-7e class added another 10,400 pounds of tractive force, raising the locomotive weight from 328,000 to 343,100 pounds. That No. 1956 was so equipped is revealed by the booster exhaust going up the right side of the smokebox, and the cast steel trailing truck (compare the fabricated truck on H-7c No. 2000 below, not equipped with a booster). For other dimensions see the commentary for No. 1977 following. This locomotive was retired in 1954; the image was acquired from an eBay seller.