Shown here is 2-8-2 No. 1646, a representative of class H-5o, while still operating as No. 6719 of the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis (the "Big Four") before the 1936 renumbering. Like other members of the large H-5 class, this engine was an ALCo rebuild in 1914 from a class G-5 2-8-0 and had dimensions similar to those of Nos. 1306, 1351, and 1524 shown previously. The engine does not appear to have been equipped with the booster applied to many members of its group. Robert Graham of Minneapolis, Minnesota, took the photo. Viewer Ted Tobin writes to say the location is probably Wabash, Indiana, on the former Big Four Michigan branch. His clue is the "whirly bird" crane used to resupply the coal bunker, which he often saw there as a boy. No. 1646 was renumbered to 1559 in 1947-48, and was retired in 1952.