This image of Ten-wheeler No. 1244 on July 20, 1951 at Yorktown Heights, New York, was taken by Bob Collins, but came to our collection via Carl Weber. With valve gear in reverse position, the engine has apparently just backed up to couple to her short commuter train. Outshopped by ALCo's Schenectady Works in 1907, she originally bore the number 2118 in class F-2e. Subsequently superheated and reclassified to F-12e, she was renumbered to 831 in 1936 and assumed her final number in 1948. One of the last in her class to be retired, she was consigned to the scrapyard in 1952. The specifications of the F-12a class were identical to those of the F-12a class, described previously, except that they weighed 213,000 pounds.