American Locomotive Company's Brooks Works built class G-46L Consolidation No. 1198 in 1914 as Kanahwa & Michigan No. 551 in class C-14. In 1924 the engine was renumbered to 9715 of K&M parent Toledo & Ohio Central, part of the New York Central System. In 1936 it received its final NYC number, as shown in this unprovenanced photograph from the 1940s supplied by Wayne Koch. 2-8-0s of class G-46L had specifications similar to those shown for No. 1162 in class G-46h, but weighed 244,000 pounds. Other specifications include approximately 3375 square feet of evaporative heating surface, 670 square feet of superheating surface, and a 55-square-foot grate area. The locomotive was torched in 1949.